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And I look in your eyes

Reflections that I’ve never seen before

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This is war

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Anonymous Caruso Me:

Is david going to release his film Chacarita or not. It seems that he is digging his heels over this one. I know he is busy with Caruso Art but hey we want to see his latest film. CBS has made a spinoff of CSI Miami and I wonder is David being called back as our loveable Horatio Cain. Thank You. Annon


So far there isn’t any news of him releasing the film. And the new spin off didnt cast him. :(

On another note, a lot of his fans are doing a Global Watch of his shows and he knows about this. Which is amazing :)

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Anonymous Caruso Me:

ure blog is dead. ur reaching. the show is gone so move on and blog about something exciting. not a show that died 2 years ago.


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Inspired by (x)

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Younger Horatio Caine (1997)

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Male dominated team 

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Big Baby Wolfe

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Hi how are you doing well I hope.  Do you have any news as to when David’s film Chacarita will be released.  Sorry to be a pain but it seems ages since he made that film and I need to go to a cinema with a box of tissues to watch a film based on some of his life’s experiences.

Thanks for all you do for our lovely David.

Bless you.


Hi there, 

So far, there hasn’t been any news about Chacarita. I’ve asked him on Twitter once and he said soon. But there wasn’t any exact date on when it would be released. 

Sorry about that. I hope I answered your question :)